Safety is our number one priority. While trampolining and other activities at SITE do carry a risk, we work very hard to keep you safe. All our trampolines and equipment are world class, and we train our staff to the highest standards to ensure all customers jump in the safest environment.


We work with the best trampoline suppliers in the world, Eurotramp®. Our trampolines were designed with years of research and testing by specialists, to ensure jumpers get the best, highest and safest bounce!

Foam Pit and Airbag

Having both a foam pit and an airbag gives you the luxury of being able to choose which safe landing you want to use depending on what types of tricks you want to work on. Our Airbag is sourced from Bag Jump, who are the worldwide industry leaders in airbag technology.

SITE Staff

Our team is always around to make sure you have the best, safest experience. SITE recruits and trains staff who are passionate about trampolining and freestyle sports. Combined, they have a wealth of knowledge they are always keen to share, to help you get the most out of your SITE experience. All staff members hold a valid CPR, First Aid Certificate and go through the SITE training program.

Please don't hesitate to ask for help or advice at any time during your SITE experience.

 Safety Rules

  1. Jump within your skill level
  2. Padding is there for your safety, but it is not advised that you jump or land on the padded area
  3. Only one person on each trampoline at a time
  4. Be aware of other people around you
  5. No running or physical contact between trampoliners in the trampoline floor area
  6. Please make sure you ask a member of staff to understand each area, or read activity specific rules for each area within SITE.
  7. No food or drink on the tramp area
  8. No jumping under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  9. We recommend removing all jewellery to avoid it getting caught
  10. You will also be asked to remove belts as buckles can get caught in the trampolines.

Foam Pit and Airbag 

  1. Never dive headfirst into the airbag or the foam pit
  2. Always check to make sure no one is in the way of where you want to jump
  3. Land safely on your feet, seated or on your back
  4. Do not try and bury yourself under the foam as people may not be able to see you
  5. Remove all items from pockets
  6. Exit the foam pit/air bag as quickly as possible to allow others to jump in after you

If in doubt, please ask a member of staff and they will gladly run through the rules for you

Jump Safe

Before you jump you will be asked to complete a Risk Acknowledgement and Disclaimer in which you accept that there is a risk of injury when undertaking this activity and you acknowledge that you are ultimately responsible for your own safety.


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